Subscribe: digital / home delivery log in register now help home page today's paper video most popular edition: u. Viagra dosage 5 mg S. / global search all nytimes. Viagra online coupons Com u. S. cheapest overnight viagra World u. viagra vs viagra vs S. viagra womens bum Politics education texas n. Y. / region business technology science health sports opinion arts style travel jobs real estate autos advertisement 2 cures reported for kidney stones by lawrence k. Altman, special to the new york times published: march 2, 1983 washington, march 1— west german doctors have developed two drastically new techniques, one using high-energy shock waves, to remove kidney stones much less painfully and without the customary major surgery. viagra for sale The techniques promise to reduce by several weeks the length of stay in the hospital and recovery period for tens of thousands of american patients each year. generic sales viagra Reports of the techniques, which have appeared in medical journals, were expanded at a meeting of the national kidney foundation today. Shock waves and ultrasound one of the new methods, which has been used on patients in a small number of american hospitals, involves a simpler, less risky operation than the one usually used to remove kidney stones and it often is combined with ultrasound. The stone is extracted directly through the skin but the patient still must undergo general anesthesia. The other technique, generally painless, involves no surgery at all. Viagra viagra for sale It relies on the delivery of hundreds of high energy electric shock waves monitored by x-rays. buy viagra cheap online The equipment costs about $2 million and is now available only at the ludwig-maximilian university of munich and klinikum grosshadern in munich, which has been flooded with people demanding the therapy. generic viagra without no rx Doctors there can do only three cases each day and have a demand for one hundred fifty each day, according to dr. Lynwood h. what is the best over the counter substitute for viagra Smith of the mayo clinic, who spoke at the meeting. buy viagra online australia paypal F. D. what is the best over the counter substitute for viagra A. viagra 100 german remedies Approval required at least six american medical centers are trying to buy the equipment, but it will be at least a year before the first patient is treated in this country, in part because it will require approval from the food and drug administration. viagra maximum daily dosage ''there is no doubt that it is a major advance in the management of kidney stones,'' the medical journal the lancet said in a recent editorial. Kidney stones, which are solidified deposits of various substances, such as calcium, are a serious health problem, but most patients do not require surgery to remove them. cheap viagra generic best price The overwhelming majority of kidney stones pass out of the body on their own, often accompanied by excruciating pain. generic viagra tablet However, surgery is necessary in about 20 percent of kidney stone cases. buy viagra on the internet In the operation that has been used for decades, the surgeon cuts through layers of tissue to reach the kidne. buy generic viagra without a prescription Karen Lafferty Design Minneapolis About Logos Web and More Direct Mail Direct Mail Collateral which is safer viagra or viagra costo viagra vs viagra viagra dosage 200 mg maximum dosage viagra 24 hours viagra usa price